About Global Grill

Sigree Global Grill is a delicious storm of flavours from all corners of the earth. Unlimited starters like Malaysian satays, Mexican grills, Japanese yakitori, American barbecues are served at the Live Grills on each table. They set a lively pace of flavours with conversations and a limitless course of seasoned seafood, tender meat and crunchy vegetables turning over live charcoal fire.

The main course buffet spreads across continents with an eclectic balance of Pad Thai, Moroccan tagine, KhauSuey, Italian Lasagne and more. Royal Shawarma and Biryani also enjoy pride of place.

A Live Pasta counter with chefs tossing pasta in fresh sauces provide more food for all senses. French confections vie with royal Indian desserts as a sweet climax to an almost endless, worldwide journey of flavours.

We must be doing something right –Barely over a year old and Global Grill has won the Times Good Food Awards for Best Multi Cuisine Buffet in Mumbai. It has opened its second outlet in Mumbai besides being in Chennai and Bangalore.

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