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Review for Oh! Calcutta, E M Bypass by Arunava Bose

This place never stops to surprise me. I love the fact that they experiment and come out with new kind of dishes. I am always on the lookout for something new.

If you are at Oh Calcutta, you are guaranteed to get a taste of good Bengali cuisine. Some of the things which you have to try out when you are there are :

  • Gondhoraj lebu r ghol
  • Luchi and Kochi Patha r mangsho
  • Daab Chingri
  • Boneless Hilsa (If you fear eating hilsa because of bones, this is your choice)
  • Daab er shondesh (This is not available always.If you are lucky you get it. I got it only twice)

The taste is very good and the ambiance reminds you of Calcutta and all the related things. All good things however come with a cost. The restaurant is very costly and if you are planning to take a large group you have to keep tab of your pocket. Overall, if you want to try great Bengali cuisine, this could be your destination.

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