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Review for Mainland China, Greater Kailash (GK) 2 by Sahiba Gursahaney

Chinese being my favourite cuisine, I am really surprised how I hadn't visited Mainland China before! Having planned to go out for lunch, choosing Chinese as our cuisine for the day and having a thing for buffets, I decided to go in for a Chinese buffet this time.

Unlike most of the places which have come up with the concept of 'Dimsum Brunch' these days, Mainland China, on the other hand, has a proper buffet in their restaurant which includes everything from soups, salads and starters to dimsums, main course and desserts!

The restaurant is situated on the second floor but there is a reception on the ground floor with an escort who leads you till the elevators. Located in Masid Moth of GK II, Mainland China is situated right behind the shopping arcade.

The interiors are extremely inviting! Done up in shades of brown and beige, the ceiling is concrete textured with the walls being painted in cream and beige. With a cluster of seven to eight small-sized lamps placed evenly at different places in the restaurant, the lighting, which is yellow, is so perfectly positioned that each table has an individual light devoted to it, placed right above the table. The furniture is done up in wood in the darkest shade of brown, with a combination of chairs and sofas. The interiors are superbly amazing, very classy!

I asked the waiters if they could arrange for the dishes on the buffet which consisted of cabbage, without cabbage for me, and after some requesting they agreed to do so.

We then started with our meal which consisted of the following :

  • There were two soups-Lemon Coriander Chicken Soup and Veg Hakka Soup but both these soups contained cabbage in them. Hence, the waiter gave us the options of Chicken Sweet Corn and Hot 'n' Sour Soup, and we went with the former. Perfectly temperatured, exceptionally well in terms of the taste, the Chicken Sweet Corn soup was the best I had tasted till date!
  • Then came the starters which consisted of two non veg and three veg starters.
  • Chicken Hot Pot was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. With a perfect balance of spice and chinese flavours, this starter gets a 5/5.
  • Shrimps Singapore Chilli was not as spicy and instead was mildly flavoursome but still extremely delicious!
  • Cauliflower Taipei was a dish that was more on the sweeter side, with a punch of chilli in it. This starter was so good that I could very contently refrain myself from even touching the rest of the starters! What a star of a dish!!
  • Barbecued Potato was rather salty. Awesome in taste, as all the other dishes.
  • Vegetables Pepper and Salt need no description because everybody is well-versed with the taste of this classic chinese starter. My opinion on this one-one exceptionally great starter!!
  • Chicken Celery Siu Mai-Is it really possible to make better dimsums than these? A taste which is indescribable!
  • Chicken Tobanjan Sauce, Fish Chilli Bean Sauce-Firstly, the fish and the chicken were so tender that one didn't have to struggle with their fork and knife even for a split second. So soft and absolutely succulent stuff, both these dishes tasted mind-blowing! The perfect level of spice with the perfect match of the different flavours infused. I can say this because the flavours worked exactly right for me! They even had crabs in the main course which I didn't try, but I'm sure they would be as great as the rest of the food!
  • Tried the Chicken and Golden Onion Fried Rice and Chicken Hakka Noodles-Classic dishes doing full justice to the name of the restaurant. Truly authentic in flavour, awesome taste with the perfect spice in them.
  • Sweet and Sour Vegetables with Crispy Noodles, otherwise known as American Chopsuey, again needs no description. My verdict won't be in words, just in numbers. Gets a 5/5!

The dessert section was the most impressive looking and the most vibrant, obviously. Desserts consisted of the following :

  • Brownie, Pastry with cream-Excellent in taste!
  • Chocolate Tart-Huge in size and very generous with the cream, the perfect dessert for chocolate lovers.
  • There were four flavours of ice cream-chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and butterscotch, with the toppings and garnishings of praline, caramel sauce and strawberry crush. The toppings were extraordinary! Plus, I've seen no other restaurant keeping such exotic toppings on offer in their buffet, so they get an extra point for that!
  • Caramel Custard was certainly not the best I've ever tasted.
  • Daarsan was the highlight of the meal! That heavenly heavenly dish made me afternoon simply perfectttt! Exactly how it should be, the Daarsan tasted out of this world!

I had such a spectacular dining experience here! The servers made me feel completely at ease. One of the most cooperative, warm and hospitable staff I've seen at any restaurant.

The meal cost me 699/- per head, all inclusive. Great value for money.

The taste, quality and variety of dishes are simply marvelous! Definitely one of my favourite Chinese places now. I see myself going for their buffet again and very very soon now!

A place that caters to all age groups and all occasions-be it family outings, kitty parties, corporate lunches or just another fine dining experience without a reason.

Impressed me to the very core!

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