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Review for Mainland China, Powai by Rakhee Poojari

When discussing options, we know at the back of our minds that there is always Mainland China. It has been our Plan B for so long that nowadays we just up and take off towards the nearest one... Powai, Kandivali, Bandra, ... It is much like going to a favourite uncle's place - familiar, friendly and fun. It is always there and has not failed us.

The food is always excellent complemented perfectly by the competent staff. The only problem you will face is "What should we order tonight?" Rest assured that whatever it is that you order - right from the soup in lemon coriander to the crispies in chilli pepper to the main course in hunan sauce to the deserts in honey - it is the best Chinese you have ever had (as the ads claim).

Like the jasmine tea it serves, Mainland China is a pleasant, unobtrusive, beautiful presence throughout your meal. Complements to the chef(s).

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