Our Values

Our five guiding values distinguish every offering from every Speciality Restaurant, and impart a unique character to our guest's experience.


Our master chefs experiment, research and create dishes which will transport you from the busy bylanes of Shanghai, to the bazaars of Turkey to the antiquity of the colonial times, to satisfying the most critical foodie to come back for more. We constantly endeavour to innovate and create magic on your plate!

Ingredient selection

We outsource the best of the ingredients from the most reputed of vendors, and sometimes directly from that region of the globe where it is most typically found. Our Chefs are very particular in adding the right ingredient for maintaining the authenticity of each item prepared. At all our restaurants, the mantra is to remain honest to the basic essence of the recipe and still create that dish in a new way which will make you fall in love over and over again.

Technical Expertise

Our team of chefs are ever ready to practice and perfect recipes which have been curated through ages, and creatively innovate them to suit the modern global palate. We constantly organise workshops and upgrade the skill and knowledge of our chefs. They are also constantly exposed to the ever changing ethnic cultures and food fads around the world!

Obsession with Detail

Every little nuance and detail from the preparation to the plating is given utmost importance. We leave no stone unturned to reach perfection that reflects in the loving glow of the wonderful feedback of our customers over the last 25 years.

Honouring our guests

Honouring the guest is at the heart of the Speciality Restaurant's experience. It's a tendency to fuss over our diners, to anticipate their needs, to be helpful without intruding, and to be alert to their wishes. This is why Our endeavour is to continue with the spirit of "making our guests feel special". Because when they feel special, we feel special.

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